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  • Giá thép tăng mạnh theo giá thế giới

    Giá thép tăng mạnh theo giá thế giới

    15 Tháng 09
    Thông tin mới nhất từ đại diện Hiệp hội Thép Việt Nam, giá thép xây dựng trong nước liên tục tăng mạnh trong hơn 1 tháng qua, tính đến nay, đã tăng thêm gần 1,8 triệu đồng/tấn.

The project has been granted

Viet Duc Steel is a leading company in Vietnam specializing in manufacturing and supplying products for the construction industry. After 15 years of operation, steel pipe products, steel coils, cold rolled steel; Galvanized steel and steel construction of the Viet Duc Steel has been present nationwide, contributing actively to the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country.

Thanks to the efforts of advanced technology, advanced production technology, steel products and steel pipe of Viet Duc Steel has been the contractor, project owners and construction companies. used, appeared in a series of large construction projects throughout the country.


Recognizing the achievements as well as positive contribution that Viet Duc Steel has achieved over the years. The State, the business community and the society have given the Viet Duc Steel many worthy awards such as: Labor Medal Second Class; Third-class Labor Medal; The emulation flag of the Government; Certificate of merit from the Prime Minister; Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Finance; Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Science and Technology; Certificate of Merit of Vinh Phuc People's Committee; National Quality Gold Award; Vietnam Strong Brand Award; Top 10 trophies for 100 sustainable brands; Gold Cup ISO ... .. And many other noble awards.

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